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In 2017, Westside Furniture & Consignment Emporium came to us with a problem. Their website was very basic and out-dated. They were looking for a new technology website that was effective, helped them in the search rankings, was mobile friendly, and also a website that would allow them to showcase the different products they had in both of their stores, Ann Arbor and Jackson.

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Ann Arbor Web Development & SEO

In 2017, the owner of Westside Furniture Consignment in Ann Arbor came to us with a problem. But his problem was very similar to a lot of other people and their businesses. He had a website built for him in 2011, when he first opened up the business. But that website was very basic, it was just an informational website, using outdated technology.

What Westside Furniture Consignment wanted was a website redesign using the latest technology, a website that would scale up with his business.



Here’s how the new WFCE website looks now:

The new website is using the latest technology and best practices in web development today. The new website is also mobile responsive, which means that it will look great in any device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With the new website and tools provided by 3 Ways Marketing, WFCE was able to post their newest items on the website.

After recognizing the awesome job that 3 Ways Marketing did with their website, Westside Furniture Consignment decided to also use our email marketing services. Using this service allowed Westside Furniture to maximize the email addresses they had collected from previous transactions, as well as get new subscribers via the website and in-store iPads.